Jonathan was nice enough to share some picture of his Unlimited Land Base Shark Rod in use,,,, he likes it so much we are in process of design another one

Geoff MHX8

“Planning on getting back on the Black Grouper, on a future Pulley Ridge trip to test this rod.”

Henry's TriggerfishMaribel's Permit

“Quite, by far, the best rods I’ve ever had.”



“My sister, brother-in-law, and nephews love the gaff!! Thank you!!”



“This J-STick’um rod exceeded my expectations as I battled and landed a six-foot Lemon Shark; my first shark on a J-STickum rod.  I highly recommend this rod builder to everyone!”



I thought you might enjoy knowing that the first, very first, cast of Bob’s new rod hooked a 50 pound bull dolphin on 15 lb test line. And landed it after a 30 minute battle.

Thanks again.”



“With the SIC guides, I’m casting farther and more accurately than I have ever cast with my other rods. I love this St. Croix rod.  Thanks Mum.”

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