Currently in the Shop

Matrix 10-20lb 7′

MHX IM-7 Grafite 7ft 6in 6-12lb

MHX 7ft 10-30lb Woven Carbon Fiber

MHX 7ft 10-30lb Woven Carbon Fiber and TX3 Vertical Jigging 7ft 30-50lb set

MHX 7 ft.3in., 10-20 lb., made for the love of my life!

MHX Carbon Fiber, 7 ft. 6 in., 10-30 lb.

Bushido, 8-15 lb. 7 ft., fast action.

SCIII, 4-8 lb., 6 ft. Ultra-lite build.

Ghost!!! Matrix 8-17 lb., 7 ft.

IM-6 Graphite, 8-17 lb., 7 ft. 6 in.

Dolphin II – MHX 10-20 lb., 7 ft.

7 ft., 3 in.,  Bushido 10-20 lb.

Desert II Build

Lee’s Build

OSU Build

Rod Geek Surf Rod Build

Jann’s MHX IM-7, two piece, 7’6″, 8-15 lb. spinning rod, with cork grips and Fuji SIC K-frame guides.

Geoff’s MHX Beast!  This is a 7’6″, 40-60 lb., fast action casting rod, with light burnt cork grips, Fuji reel seat, and Fuji K-frame Aconite casting guides.

Wedding gifts!  This pair of IM-6 Graphite, 7 ft., 10-20 lb. custom fishing rods has marbling, with a quad diamond wrap on the pink and a multi-chevron on the blue.  These rods are sure to endure a life of love!

Beautiful quad diamond wrap on this custom fishing rod.  This is an MHX IM-7, 7ft., 10-20 lb.

7 foot IM-6 Graphite, 10-20 lb, with pearl white and blue marbling

University of Florida MHX 10-20 lb., 7 foot – 3 rod set

MHX Saltwater series 10-20 lb., with full cork grips

MHX Saltwater series 10-20 lb., with full cork grips

This Im7 Graphite MHX rod, 8-17 pound, in Mahi colors is on my bench.  It is a customized beauty.  Please place your holiday orders soon.

Pictured above, 7 ft. Custom Matrix fishing rods.

IGFA 100 lb., Gator Glass.  This is the last of its kind.  Found this blank in my shop as we were cleaning. I am building this in a classic fashion. This 6 ft. boat rod has Aftco roller guides and Stainless Steel twister guides, Fuji heavy duty graphite reel seat, and graphite slick butt.  You won’t find anything like this in your local store.  It is a true classic!

Under construction Bushido – Quadruple chevron wrap

Busy week in the shop.  Building everything from MXH 15-40 lb. spinning rods to an 8 ft., 15-40 lb. bottom rod/Kingfish rod. Look at these beauties in the Custom Rod Gallery.

MHX Carb Rods

A set of MHX woven carbon fiber graphites, with burnt cork handles in the works.

This is a custom Matrix 7 ft., 10-17 lb., fast action fishing rod with blue grain grips, Fugi reel seat and K-Frame Alconite guides.  The wrap is a triple chevron in blue and gold.

TX3 Vertical Jigging Rod, 15-40 lb., 7ft. with Atfco aluminum gimble and reel seat, and 8 in. graphite slick butt.

Rasta STick’um TX3 Vertical Jigging Rod, 15-40 lb., 7ft.   Click to see the video of the Rasta Rod.

This custom fishing rod is being built for Jillyfish.  It is a 7 ft., TX3 15-40 lb., moderate action, with a Fuji reel seat, and Fuji K-frame alconite guides.  Perfect for Sharks, large Snook, Tarpon, Grouper, and Snapper.

St. Croix 8-15 lb., 7 ft., fast-action spinning rod, with burnt cork grips, Fuji K-frame SIC guides, and Fuji raised spin cast reel seat. This custom fishing rod is great for targeting all inshore and freshwater species. (Large Mouth Bass, Snook, Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, and Juvenile Tarpon)

Custom Gaff featuring a Mahi.  This gaff was customized for the vessel Half Time, sailing out of Miami.

Repeat customer having an MHX 15-40 lb., 7 ft., fast-action, with Fuji double foot K-frame guides customized.

Carbon Fiber MHX series, 14-40 lb., 7 ft. boat rods, with Fuji K-frame guides, built for snapper, permit, kingfish, sailfish, and anything else hanging out on the reefs.

This rod, I really want to keep for myself!  It is for Andrew’s wife, Aphrodites.  This beauty is a MHX 6-12 pound, 7 foot, medium-fast action, freshwater Bass and inshore saltwater  rod.  It is perfect for Redfish and Trout.  This custom built fishing rod is wrapped with a cluster of blue threads, in a triple chevron diamond pattern. The beauty part of this rod is that it is put together with 3 coats of U.V. anti-fog resin, Fuji Alconite guides, a Fuji graphite reel seat, and single-stacked cork grips.

Kungaloosh set.  Three of 5 rods currently being customized for deep, offshore fishing.  Set includes 2 Mutton Snapper, 30-50 weight jigging rods, 2 Grouper Diggers, 50-100 pound class boat rods, and 1 heavy trolling Dolphin rod, 50-80 weight.  All will have identical chevron wraps, but each has identification stickers for their targeted species, and of course, the boat’s name – Kungaloosh.

This IM6 Graphite, Carbon Fiber Butt, 7 ft., 8-15 pound fast action custom fishing rod is perfect for targeting Saltwater Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Juvenile Tarpon, and Freshwater Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, and Mudfish.

Custom Deepwater 60-100 lb. Speed Trolling Set, built for trolling, high speed lures, targeting Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), and Kingfish.

This pink IM6 Graphite, 7 ft., 8-15 pound fast action custom fishing rod is perfect for targeting Saltwater Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Juvenile Tarpon, and Freshwater Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, and Mudfish.


Putting the second coat of epoxy on this 7 ft. 6-8 lb. IM6 Graphite custom fishing rod.  I put a triple chevron wrap on this inshore, extreme light tackle fishing rod.  It is able to cast 1/8 oz. jigs.


Detailed epoxy application.

Late night epoxying.  The Poteet’s custom fishing rods have 2 coats of epoxy and are drying.  This green rod is good for throwing jigs, live baits, and stick baits, when you are targeting species from freshwater bass to redfish, snook, juvenile tarpon, and seatrout.


One of the most intricate custom fishing rods I’ve built to date.  This is a 7 ft. IM7 Graphite with Carbon Fiber Overlay on the entire rod, fast action-heavy, 15-40 lb. class inshore/ offshore custom fishing rod.  The custom wrap is a reverse chevron, diamond overlay, with a chevron on top.

This Matrix blank, 7 foot, medium-fast action, 15 pound spin fish has a double diamond wrap and a cork split grip butt. It’s ready for epoxy.

Custom Florida Gators themed fishing rod with one coat of epoxy and Jillyfish with two coats of epoxy.  Both on the drying rack this afternoon.

Florida Gators rod is a St. Croix, 7 ft, .10-17 lb., fast action rod with Fuji guides.

Both rods are being built for frequents of the backwaters in Goodland and the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida.

Jillyfish:  This is a 7 ft. MHX, fast action, 10-17 pound rod being customized.

Yesterday,  I individually glued all the cork rings together and sanded them down to the customer’s specifications.

Today, I tied a reverse chevron, with small diamond overlap.

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