Custom Rod Pricing

All custom fishing rods are built for the angler and to their specifications.  Prices vary per build and include custom grips, Fuji graphite reel seat, Fuji Alconite K-Frame guides, and custom threaded wraps.  In general, you can expect from our commonly built rods:

  • E-Glass Bottom Rods, 8 ft. – $200-$300
  • IM6 Graphite – $150 – $200
  • Matrix Carbon Fiber IM6 Hybrid – $250-$300
  • Bushido Matte Black Carbon Fiber Composite – $200-$300
  • MHX IM7 Graphite – $225-$350
  • TX3, 30-50 Spinning Rods – $250-$300
  • TX3 50-100 Conventional Rods – $200- $300
  • MHX Saltwater Woven Carbon Fiber Rods – $250-$350
  • Composite E-Glass and Graphite – $200-$400

*Other Blanks available upon request:                                                                                                                                *Seeker, *TFO, *Sage, *Point Blank, *Phenix, *Orvis, *Lamiglas, *Cousins, * Calstar, *Rainshadow, and *Black Hole*St Croix

*Other builds available, which include fly rods, bottom rods, freshwater casting rods, trolling rods, heavy grouper rods, and gaffs.

*Upgraded guide assortments include Fuji SIC and Torzite, and Recoil guides available.

*Upgraded roller guides Stuart, Alutecnos, Winthrop Tackle, All American Rollers, and Aftco available.

*Upgraded burnt cork grips, colored Eva, and Winn Grips available

* Upgraded AFTCO, Project X, Raptor, and Winthrop Tackle reel seats available.

* Upgraded butt assemblies; straight-smooth graphite, Wintrop Tackle adjustable, and AFTCO bent butts available.

*Quantity and set discounts available.

*Shipping available at actual cost.